Below is a list of some of the available volunteer positions. If you’re interested in being a part of our team please call 613‐542‐0543 or email for more information.


The Gardener is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the design of the garden beds and front area with the Curator and Museum Assistant;
  • Assisting with planting, maintaining, and weeding of garden beds and front area of the Museum as needed;
  • Working with summer staff to create interpretive materials for identifying various plants;

Museum Store Assistant

The Museum Store Assistant is responsible for:

  • Creatively displaying museum shop inventory;
  • Liaising with artisans and keeping accurate records of inventory;
  • Welcome visitors to the Museum & provide overview of galleries and museum events;
  • Answer questions related to displays and events.

Event Craft Leader

The Event Craft Leader is responsible for:

  • Planning major events with staff – 2016 Shake n’Make, Sheepdog Trials, Lumberjack Survival Summit, & WinterLight;
  • Organizing, preparation, and setting up in the weeks leading up to the event;
  • Overseeing the table they are stationed at for the event;
  • Assist visitors with the creation of their craft, ensuring that the material is readily accessible;


The Librarian is responsible for:

  • Cataloging library books into database;
  • Maintaining orderly shelves.