Public Workshop
26 October, 2019 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Carved pumpkins

Design and carve the surface of your own pumpkin with artist Nicholas Crombach! Learn basic relief carving techniques in a safe environment to create depth and visual interest. 

Group size is limited to a maximum of 4 individuals; group must include one adult.  One pumpkin (two carving sides) will be provided per group. 

Nicholas Crombach is a visual artist working in sculpture. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally. His most recent solo exhibition The End of The Chase, was exhibited at New Art Projects, London, UK (May, 2018) and was re-presented in at Art Mûr, Berlin (Aug, 2018). In 2016-17 Nicholas participated in a year-long studio residency at The Florence Trust in London (UK). Solo exhibitions of Nicholas’ work include Trapped, Angell Gallery, Toronto (2015), Captured, The Ottawa School of Art (2017) and Behind Elegantly Carved Wooden Doors, Art Mûr, Montreal (2017). 

Workshop Cost: $25 + HST
Age: 5 years and up

How to register:

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2. Register online with course ID 7759.
3. Registration can also be done in person at the INVISTA Centre, Rideau Heights Community Centre and Artillery Park Aquatic Centre.

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